dcb-apptrust - show / configure per-selector trust and trust order of the application priority table of the DCB (Data Center Bridging) subsystem.

dcb [ OPTIONS ] apptrust { COMMAND | help }

dcb apptrust show dev DEV [ order ]

dcb apptrust set dev DEV [ order SEL-LIST ]


SEL := { ethtype | stream-port | dgram-port | port | dscp | pcp }

dcb apptrust is used to configure per-selector trust and trust order of the Application Priority Table, see dcb-app(8) for details on how to configure app table entries.

Selector trust can be used by the software stack, or drivers (most likely the latter), when querying the APP table, to determine if an APP entry should take effect, or not. Additionally, the order of the trusted selectors will dictate which selector should take precedence, in the case of multiple different APP table selectors being present.

Display all trusted selectors.
Set new list of trusted selectors. Empty list is effectively the same as removing trust entirely.

The following describes only the write direction, i.e. as used with the set command. For the show command, the parameter name is to be used as a simple keyword without further arguments. This instructs the tool to show the values of a given parameter.

SEL-LIST is a space-separated list of selector names. Possible selector values are: ethtype, stream-port, dgram-port, port, dscp, and pcp

Set trust order to: dscp, pcp for eth0:

# dcb apptrust set dev eth0 order dscp pcp

Set trust order to: port (stream or dgram), pcp, ethtype for eth1:

# dcb apptrust set dev eth1 order port pcp ethtype

Show what was set:

# dcb apptrust show dev eth0
order: port pcp ethtype

Exit status is 0 if command was successful or a positive integer upon failure.

dcb(8), dcb-app(8)

Report any bugs to the Network Developers mailing list <netdev@vger.kernel.org> where the development and maintenance is primarily done. You do not have to be subscribed to the list to send a message there.

Daniel Machon <daniel.machon@microchip.com>

22 November 2022 iproute2