curs_opaque(3X) Library calls curs_opaque(3X)

is_cleared, is_idlok, is_idcok, is_immedok, is_keypad, is_leaveok, is_nodelay, is_notimeout, is_pad, is_scrollok, is_subwin, is_syncok, wgetdelay, wgetparent, wgetscrreg - obtain curses window properties

#include <curses.h>
bool is_cleared(const WINDOW *win);
bool is_idcok(const WINDOW *win);
bool is_idlok(const WINDOW *win);
bool is_immedok(const WINDOW *win);
bool is_keypad(const WINDOW *win);
bool is_leaveok(const WINDOW *win);
bool is_nodelay(const WINDOW *win);
bool is_notimeout(const WINDOW *win);
bool is_pad(const WINDOW *win);
bool is_scrollok(const WINDOW *win);
bool is_subwin(const WINDOW *win);
bool is_syncok(const WINDOW *win);
WINDOW * wgetparent(const WINDOW *win);
int wgetdelay(const WINDOW *win);
int wgetscrreg(const WINDOW *win, int *top, int *bottom);

ncurses provides functions returning properties of a WINDOW structure, allowing it to be “opaque” if the application defines the NCURSES_OPAQUE preprocessor symbol. Opacity in this sense means that the members of struct data types are not directly accessible (for instance, through “.” or “->” operators), but instead must be queried and/or set via library functions. Advantages of opacity include greater abstraction and improved management of concurrent accesses to data structures, keeping object states coherent.

returns the value set by clearok(3X).
returns the value set by idcok(3X).
returns the value set by idlok(3X).
returns the value set by immedok(3X).
returns the value set by keypad(3X).
returns the value set by leaveok(3X).
returns the value set by nodelay(3X).
returns the value set by notimeout(3X).
returns TRUE if the window is a pad; that is, it was created by newpad(3X).
returns the value set by scrollok(3X).
returns TRUE if the window is a subwindow, that is, it was created by subwin(3X) or derwin(3X).
returns the value set by syncok(3X).
returns the delay timeout set by wtimeout(3X).
returns the parent WINDOW pointer for subwindows, or NULL for windows having no parent.
stores the the top and bottom rows for the scrolling margin set by wsetscrreg(3X) in the corresponding arguments, returning ERR upon failure and OK upon successful completion.

These functions return TRUE or FALSE except as noted.

ncurses provides both a C function and a preprocessor macro for each function documented in this page.

These routines are specific to ncurses. They were not supported on Version 7, BSD or System V implementations. It is recommended that any code depending on ncurses extensions be conditioned using NCURSES_VERSION.

curses(3X), curs_inopts(3X), curs_outopts(3X), curs_threads(3X), curs_window(3X)

2024-03-16 ncurses 6.5