curl_share_init(3) Library Functions Manual curl_share_init(3)

curl_share_init - Create a shared object

#include <curl/curl.h>
CURLSH *curl_share_init();

This function returns a pointer to a CURLSH handle to be used as input to all the other share-functions, sometimes referred to as a share handle in some places in the documentation. This init call MUST have a corresponding call to curl_share_cleanup(3) when all operations using the share are complete.

This share handle is what you pass to curl using the CURLOPT_SHARE(3) option with curl_easy_setopt(3), to make that specific curl handle use the data in this share.


int main(void)
  CURLSHcode sh;
  CURLSH *share = curl_share_init();
  sh = curl_share_setopt(share, CURLSHOPT_SHARE, CURL_LOCK_DATA_CONNECT);
    printf("Error: %s\n", curl_share_strerror(sh));

Added in 7.10

If this function returns NULL, something went wrong (out of memory, etc.) and therefore the share object was not created.

curl_share_cleanup(3), curl_share_setopt(3)

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