curl_easy_reset(3) Library Functions Manual curl_easy_reset(3)

curl_easy_reset - reset all options of a libcurl session handle

#include <curl/curl.h>
void curl_easy_reset(CURL *handle);

Re-initializes all options previously set on a specified CURL handle to the default values. This puts back the handle to the same state as it was in when it was just created with curl_easy_init(3).

It does not change the following information kept in the handle: live connections, the Session ID cache, the DNS cache, the cookies, the shares or the alt-svc cache.


int main(void)
  CURL *curl = curl_easy_init();
  if(curl) {
    /* ... the handle is used and options are set ... */

This function was added in libcurl 7.12.1


curl_easy_cleanup(3), curl_easy_duphandle(3), curl_easy_init(3), curl_easy_setopt(3)

2024-05-22 libcurl