Fapi_GetTcti(3) tpm2-tss Fapi_GetTcti(3)

Fapi_GetTcti - Fapi_GetTcti

TSS2_RC Fapi_GetTcti (FAPI_CONTEXT *context, TSS2_TCTI_CONTEXT **tcti)

FAPI function to retrieve the TSS2_TCTI_CONTEXT currently used by the corresponding FAPI_CONTEXT.

One-Call function for Fapi_GetTcti

Fapi_GetTcti returns the TSS2_TCTI_CONTEXT currently used by the provided FAPI_CONTEXT. The purpose is to enable advanced access to the TPM that is currently being talked to. It is especially useful in combination with Fapi_GetTpmBlobs().

Note: The application must ensure that this TSS2_TCTI_CONTEXT is not being used in parallel to the processing of a FAPI command.


context The FAPI_CONTEXT
tcti The TSS2_TCTI_CONTEXT used to talk to the current TPM.

Return values

TSS2_RC_SUCCESS if the function call was a success.
TSS2_FAPI_RC_BAD_REFERENCE if context, tcti is NULL.
TSS2_FAPI_RC_BAD_CONTEXT if context corruption is detected.
TSS2_FAPI_RC_NO_TPM if FAPI was started in non-TPM mode.

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