Fapi_GetPollHandles(3) tpm2-tss Fapi_GetPollHandles(3)

Fapi_GetPollHandles - Fapi_GetPollHandles

TSS2_RC Fapi_GetPollHandles (FAPI_CONTEXT *context, FAPI_POLL_HANDLE **handles, size_t *num_handles)

FAPI function to retrieve the poll handles currently used by the corresponding FAPI_CONTEXT.

Retrieve handles for polling

Returns an array of handles that can be polled on to get notified when data from the TPM or from a disk operation is available.

The corresponding code should look similar to follows: do { r = Fapi_GetPollHandles(fc, &ph, &nph); if (r == TSS2_RC_SUCCESS) { poll(ph, nph, -1); Fapi_Free(ph); } r = Fapi_*_Finish(fc, ...); } while (r == TSS2_FAPI_RC_TRY_AGAIN);


context The FAPI_CONTEXT
handles An array of poll handle entries
num_handles The size of the array in handles

Return values

TSS2_RC_SUCCESS if the function call was a success.
TSS2_FAPI_RC_BAD_REFERENCE if context or data is NULL.
TSS2_FAPI_RC_BAD_CONTEXT if context corruption is detected.
TSS2_FAPI_RC_BAD_SEQUENCE if the context has no asynchronous operation pending.
TSS2_FAPI_RC_NO_HANDLE if there are no handles to poll on
TSS2_FAPI_RC_MEMORY if the FAPI cannot allocate enough memory for internal operations or return parameters.

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