thin_metadata_unpack(8) System Manager's Manual thin_metadata_unpack(8)

thin_metadata_unpack - unpack thin provisioning binary metadata.

thin_metadata_unpack [options] -i {device|file} -o {device|file}

thin_metadata_pack and thin_metadata_unpack are used to compress

Useful for support.

thin_metadata_unpack expands metadata that has previously been packed with

It outputs a binary file that the rest of the thin tools can use.

This tool cannot be run on live metadata.

Print help and exit.
Print version information and exit.
Input file or device with binary data.
Output file or device for binary data.

thin_dump(8), thin_check(8), thin_restore(8), thin_rmap(8), thin_metadata_size(8)

Joe Thornber <>

Device Mapper Tools System Manager's Manual