era_invalidate(8) System Manager's Manual era_invalidate(8)

era_invalidate - Provide a list of blocks that have changed since a particular era.

era_invalidate [options] {device|file}

era_invalidate examines era metadata and lists blocks that may have changed since a given era.

This tool cannot be run on live metadata unless the --metadata-snap option is used.

Print help and exit.
Print version information and exit.
Write output to a file rather than stdout.
Use the metadata snapshot rather than the current superblock.
Blocks written since the given era will be listed.

List the blocks that may have been written since the beginning of era 13 on the metadata device /dev/vg/metadata:

    $ era_invalidate --written-since 13 /dev/vg/metadata
The device may not be actively used by the target when running.

era_invalidate returns an exit code of 0 for success or 1 for error (eg, metadata corruption).

era_check(8), era_dump(8), era_restore(8)

Joe Thornber <>

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