cache_restore(8) System Manager's Manual cache_restore(8)

cache_restore - restore cache metadata file to device or file.

cache_restore [options] -i {xml file} -o {device|file}

cache_restore restores cache metadata created by the respective device-mapper target dumped into an XML formatted (see cache_dump(8)) file, which optionally can be preprocessed before the restore to another device or file. If restored to a metadata device, the metadata can be processed by the device-mapper target.

This tool cannot be run on live metadata.

Print help and exit.
Print version information and exit.
Don't print any output. Check the exit code to test for success.
Input xml.
Output file or device for restored binary metadata.
    If a file is used thin it must be preallocated, and large enough to hold
    the metadata.
Choose a metadata version.

Override the version stored in the metadata.
Don't set the clean shutdown flag.

Restores the XML formatted cache metadata on file metadata to logical volume /dev/vg/metadata for further processing by the respective device-mapper target:

    $ cache_restore -i metadata -o /dev/vg/metadata

cache_restore returns an exit code of 0 for success or 1 for error.

cache_dump(8), cache_check(8), cache_repair(8)

Joe Thornber <>, Heinz Mauelshagen <>

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