cache_metadata_size(8) System Manager's Manual cache_metadata_size(8)

cache_metadata_size - Estimate the size of the metadata device needed for a given configuration.

cache_metadata_size [options]

Either --nr-blocks, or --block-size and --device-size must be specified.

Specify the number of cache blocks.
Specify the size of each cache block in 512 byte sectors.
Specify total size of the fast device used in the cache. In 512 byte sectors.
Specify hint width.
    Cache policies use a per block 'hint' to record extra info (for instance
    hit counts).  At the moment all policies use a 4 byte hint
    width.  If you want to use a different hint width specify it with this

$ cache_metadata_size --nr-blocks 10240

$ cache_metadata_size --block-size 128 --device-size 1024000

cache_dump(8), cache_repair(8), cache_restore(8)

Joe Thornber <>, Heinz Mauelshagen <>

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