Test::use::ok(3perl) Perl Programmers Reference Guide Test::use::ok(3perl)

Test::use::ok - Alternative to Test::More::use_ok

use ok 'Some::Module';

According to the Test::More documentation, it is recommended to run "use_ok()" inside a "BEGIN" block, so functions are exported at compile-time and prototypes are properly honored.

That is, instead of writing this:

use_ok( 'Some::Module' );
use_ok( 'Other::Module' );

One should write this:

BEGIN { use_ok( 'Some::Module' ); }
BEGIN { use_ok( 'Other::Module' ); }

However, people often either forget to add "BEGIN", or mistakenly group "use_ok" with other tests in a single "BEGIN" block, which can create subtle differences in execution order.

With this module, simply change all "use_ok" in test scripts to "use ok", and they will be executed at "BEGIN" time. The explicit space after "use" makes it clear that this is a single compile-time action.


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2022-12-12 perl v5.36.0