Test2::EventFacet::Control(3perl) Perl Programmers Reference Guide Test2::EventFacet::Control(3perl)

Test2::EventFacet::Control - Facet for hub actions and behaviors.

This facet is used when the event needs to give instructions to the Test2 internals.

$string = $control->{details}
$string = $control->details()
Human readable explanation for the special behavior.
$bool = $control->{global}
$bool = $control->global()
True if the event is global in nature and should be seen by all hubs.
$exit = $control->{terminate}
$exit = $control->terminate()
Defined if the test should immediately exit, the value is the exit code and may be 0.
$bool = $control->{halt}
$bool = $control->halt()
True if all testing should be halted immediately.
$bool = $control->{has_callback}
$bool = $control->has_callback()
True if the "callback($hub)" method on the event should be called.
$encoding = $control->{encoding}
$encoding = $control->encoding()
This can be used to change the encoding from this event onward.
$phase = $control->{phase}
$phase = $control->phase()
Used to signal that a phase change has occurred. Currently only the perl END phase is signaled.

The source code repository for Test2 can be found at http://github.com/Test-More/test-more/.

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