TAP::Formatter::Session(3perl) Perl Programmers Reference Guide TAP::Formatter::Session(3perl)

TAP::Formatter::Session - Abstract base class for harness output delegate

Version 3.44


my %args = (
   formatter => $self,
my $harness = TAP::Formatter::Console::Session->new( \%args );

The constructor returns a new "TAP::Formatter::Console::Session" object.

  • "formatter"
  • "parser"
  • "name"
  • "show_count"


Output test preamble


Called by the harness for each line of TAP it receives.


Called to close a test session.


Called by "close_test" to clear the line showing test progress, or the parallel test ruler, prior to printing the final test result.


Return a formatted string about the elapsed (wall-clock) time and about the consumed CPU time.

2022-12-12 perl v5.36.0