Pod::Html::Util(3perl) Perl Programmers Reference Guide Pod::Html::Util(3perl)

Pod::Html::Util - helper functions for Pod-Html

Note: While these functions are importable on request from Pod::Html::Util, they are specifically intended for use within (a) the Pod-Html distribution (modules and test programs) shipped as part of the Perl 5 core and (b) other parts of the core such as the installhtml program. These functions may be modified or relocated within the core distribution -- or removed entirely therefrom -- as the core's needs evolve. Hence, you should not rely on these functions in situations other than those just described.

Process command-line switches (options). Returns a reference to a hash. Will provide usage message if "--help" switch is present or if parameters are invalid.

Calling this subroutine may modify @ARGV.

Display customary Pod::Html usage information on STDERR.

Ensure that Pod::Html's internals and tests handle paths consistently across Unix, Windows and VMS.

Convert an absolute URL to one relative to a base URL. Assumes both end in a filename.

Make text safe for HTML.


Converts a pod section specification to a suitable section specification for HTML. Note that we keep spaces and special characters except "", ?" (Netscape problem) and the hyphen (writer's problem...).


Similar to htmlify(), but turns non-alphanumerics into underscores. Note that anchorify() is not exported by default.

Remove any level of indentation (spaces or tabs) from each code block consistently. Adapted from: https://metacpan.org/source/HAARG/MetaCPAN-Pod-XHTML-0.002001/lib/Pod/Simple/Role/StripVerbatimIndent.pm

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