DBM_Filter::encode(3perl) Perl Programmers Reference Guide DBM_Filter::encode(3perl)

DBM_Filter::encode - filter for DBM_Filter

use SDBM_File; # or DB_File, GDBM_File, NDBM_File, ODBM_File
use DBM_Filter ;
$db = tie %hash, ...
$db->Filter_Push('encode' => 'iso-8859-16');

This DBM filter allows you to choose the character encoding will be store in the DBM file. The usage is

$db->Filter_Push('encode' => ENCODING);

where "ENCODING" must be a valid encoding name that the Encode module recognises.

A fatal error will be thrown if:

The Encode module is not available.
The encoding requested is not supported by the Encode module.

DBM_Filter, perldbmfilter, Encode

Paul Marquess pmqs@cpan.org

2024-02-11 perl v5.38.2