PAM_ECHO(8) Linux-PAM Manual PAM_ECHO(8)

pam_echo - PAM module for printing text messages [file=/path/message]

The pam_echo PAM module is for printing text messages to inform user about special things. Sequences starting with the % character are interpreted in the following way:


The name of the remote host (PAM_RHOST).


The name of the local host.


The service name (PAM_SERVICE).


The name of the controlling terminal (PAM_TTY).


The remote user name (PAM_RUSER).


The local user name (PAM_USER).

All other sequences beginning with % expands to the characters following the % character.


The content of the file /path/message will be printed with the PAM conversion function as PAM_TEXT_INFO.

All module types (auth, account, password and session) are provided.


Memory buffer error.


Message was successful printed.


PAM_SILENT flag was given or message file does not exist, no message printed.

For an example of the use of this module, we show how it may be used to print information about good passwords:

password optional file=/usr/share/doc/good-password.txt
password required

pam.conf(8), pam.d(5), pam(8)

Thorsten Kukuk <>

04/09/2024 Linux-PAM