libalpm_groups(3) Library Functions Manual libalpm_groups(3)

libalpm_groups - Groups

- Functions for package groups.

struct alpm_group_t
Package group.

alpm_list_t * alpm_find_group_pkgs (alpm_list_t *dbs, const char *name)
Find group members across a list of databases.

Functions for package groups.

Package group.

Data Fields:

char * name group name

alpm_list_t * packages list of alpm_pkg_t packages

alpm_list_t * alpm_find_group_pkgs (alpm_list_t * dbs, const char * name)

Find group members across a list of databases. If a member exists in several databases, only the first database is used. IgnorePkg is also handled.


dbs the list of alpm_db_t *
name the name of the group


the list of alpm_pkg_t * (caller is responsible for alpm_list_free)

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