SSL_library_init, OpenSSL_add_ssl_algorithms - initialize SSL library by registering algorithms

#include <openssl/ssl.h>
int SSL_library_init(void);
int OpenSSL_add_ssl_algorithms(void);

SSL_library_init() registers the available SSL/TLS ciphers and digests.

OpenSSL_add_ssl_algorithms() is a synonym for SSL_library_init() and is implemented as a macro.

SSL_library_init() must be called before any other action takes place. SSL_library_init() is not reentrant.

SSL_library_init() adds ciphers and digests used directly and indirectly by SSL/TLS.

SSL_library_init() always returns "1", so it is safe to discard the return value.

ssl(7), RAND_add(3)

The SSL_library_init() and OpenSSL_add_ssl_algorithms() functions were deprecated in OpenSSL 1.1.0 by OPENSSL_init_ssl().

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