EVP_KEYEXCH-X25519(7ssl) OpenSSL EVP_KEYEXCH-X25519(7ssl)

EVP_KEYEXCH-X25519, EVP_KEYEXCH-X448 - X25519 and X448 Key Exchange algorithm support

Key exchange support for the X25519 and X448 key types.

"pad" (OSSL_EXCHANGE_PARAM_PAD) <unsigned integer>
See "Common Key Exchange parameters" in provider-keyexch(7).

Keys for the host and peer can be generated as shown in "Examples" in EVP_PKEY-X25519(7).

The code to generate a shared secret is identical to "Examples" in EVP_KEYEXCH-DH(7).

EVP_PKEY-FFC(7), EVP_PKEY-DH(7) EVP_PKEY(3), provider-keyexch(7), provider-keymgmt(7), OSSL_PROVIDER-default(7), OSSL_PROVIDER-FIPS(7),

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