EVP_CIPHER-SM4 - The SM4 EVP_CIPHER implementations

Support for SM4 symmetric encryption using the EVP_CIPHER API.

The following algorithms are available in the default provider:

"SM4-OFB" or "SM4-OFB128"
"SM4-CFB" or "SM4-CFB128"

This implementation supports the parameters described in "PARAMETERS" in EVP_EncryptInit(3).

The SM4-XTS implementation allows streaming to be performed, but each EVP_EncryptUpdate(3) or EVP_DecryptUpdate(3) call requires each input to be a multiple of the blocksize. Only the final EVP_EncryptUpdate() or EVP_DecryptUpdate() call can optionally have an input that is not a multiple of the blocksize but is larger than one block. In that case ciphertext stealing (CTS) is used to fill the block.

provider-cipher(7), OSSL_PROVIDER-default(7)

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