ECPKParameters_print, ECPKParameters_print_fp - Functions for decoding and encoding ASN1 representations of elliptic curve entities

#include <openssl/ec.h>

The following functions have been deprecated since OpenSSL 3.0, and can be hidden entirely by defining OPENSSL_API_COMPAT with a suitable version value, see openssl_user_macros(7):

int ECPKParameters_print(BIO *bp, const EC_GROUP *x, int off);
int ECPKParameters_print_fp(FILE *fp, const EC_GROUP *x, int off);

All of the functions described on this page are deprecated. Applications should instead use EVP_PKEY_print_params(3)

The ECPKParameters represent the public parameters for an EC_GROUP structure, which represents a curve.

The ECPKParameters_print() and ECPKParameters_print_fp() functions print a human-readable output of the public parameters of the EC_GROUP to bp or fp. The output lines are indented by off spaces.

ECPKParameters_print() and ECPKParameters_print_fp() return 1 for success and 0 if an error occurs.

crypto(7), EC_GROUP_new(3), EC_GROUP_copy(3), EC_POINT_new(3), EC_POINT_add(3), EC_KEY_new(3), EC_GFp_simple_method(3),

All of these functions were deprecated in OpenSSL 3.0.

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