DTLSv1_handle_timeout - handle a pending timeout event for a DTLS or QUIC SSL object

#include <openssl/ssl.h>
int DTLSv1_handle_timeout(SSL *ssl);

DTLSv1_handle_timeout() handles any timeout events which have become pending on a DTLS or QUIC SSL object.

Use DTLSv1_get_timeout(3) or SSL_get_event_timeout(3) to determine when to call DTLSv1_handle_timeout().

This function is only applicable to DTLS or QUIC SSL objects. It returns 0 if called on any other kind of SSL object.

SSL_handle_events(3) supersedes all use cases for this function and may be used instead of it.

Returns 1 if there was a pending timeout event and it was handled successfully.

Returns 0 if there was no pending timeout event, or if the SSL object is not a DTLS or QUIC object.

Returns -1 if there was a pending timeout event but it could not be handled successfully.

DTLSv1_get_timeout(3), SSL_handle_events(3), ssl(7)

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