CMS_verify_receipt - verify a CMS signed receipt

#include <openssl/cms.h>
int CMS_verify_receipt(CMS_ContentInfo *rcms, CMS_ContentInfo *ocms,
                       STACK_OF(X509) *certs, X509_STORE *store,
                       unsigned int flags);

CMS_verify_receipt() verifies a CMS signed receipt. rcms is the signed receipt to verify. ocms is the original SignedData structure containing the receipt request. certs is a set of certificates in which to search for the signing certificate. store is a trusted certificate store (used for chain verification).

flags is an optional set of flags, which can be used to modify the verify operation.

This functions behaves in a similar way to CMS_verify() except the flag values CMS_DETACHED, CMS_BINARY, CMS_TEXT and CMS_STREAM are not supported since they do not make sense in the context of signed receipts.

CMS_verify_receipt() returns 1 for a successful verification and zero if an error occurred.

The error can be obtained from ERR_get_error(3)

ERR_get_error(3), CMS_sign_receipt(3), CMS_verify(3),

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