SLAPD-WT(5) File Formats Manual SLAPD-WT(5)

slapd-wt - WiredTiger backend to slapd


The wt backend to slapd(8) uses WiredTiger database library to store data.

The wt backend is experimental module that have potential high write performance and high concurrency performance. This backend have not some basic feature yet. Please backup data using slapcat before update the module.

These slapd.conf options apply to the wt backend database. That is, they must follow a "database wt" line and come before any subsequent "backend" or "database" lines. Other database options are described in the slapd.conf(5) manual page.

Specify WiredTiger home directory that containing this database and associated indexes live. A separate directory must be specified for each database. The default is /var/lib/openldap/openldap-data.
Use the in-memory idlcache. The default is true.
Specify the indexes to maintain for the given attribute (or list of attributes). Some attributes only support a subset of indexes. If only an <attr> is given, the indices specified for default are maintained. Note that setting a default does not imply that all attributes will be indexed. Also, for best performance, an eq index should always be configured for the objectClass attribute.
back-wt does not support mode option. use umask instead.
Specify configuration for wiredtiger, This parameter is pass to wiredtiger_open(3).
create the database if it does not exist.
maximum heap memory to allocate for the cache.
asynchronous operations configuration options. disabled by default.

The wt backend honors access control semantics as indicated in slapd.access(5).

default slapd configuration file

slapd.conf(5), slapd-config(5), slapd(8), slapadd(8), slapcat(8), slapindex(8), slapmodify(8), WiredTiger documentation.

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