nfsdclddb(8) System Manager's Manual nfsdclddb(8)

nfsdclddb - Tool for manipulating the nfsdcld sqlite database

nfsdclddb [-h|--help]

nfsdclddb [-p|--path dbpath] fix-table-names [-h|--help]

nfsdclddb [-p|--path dbpath] downgrade-schema [-h|--help] [-v|--version to-version]

nfsdclddb [-p|--path dbpath] print [-h|--help] [-s|--summary]

The nfsdclddb command is provided to perform some manipulation of the nfsdcld sqlite database schema and to print the contents of the database.

Valid nfsdclddb subcommands are:

A previous version of nfsdcld(8) contained a bug that corrupted the reboot epoch table names. This sub-command will fix those table names.
Downgrade the database schema. Currently the schema can only to downgraded from version 4 to version 3.
Display the contents of the database. Prints the schema version and the values of the current and recovery epochs. If the -s|--summary option is not given, also prints the clients in the reboot epoch tables.

Show the help message and exit
Open the sqlite database located at dbpath instead of /var/lib/nfs/nfsdcld/main.sqlite. This is mainly for testing purposes.

The schema version to downgrade to. Currently the schema can only be downgraded to version 3.

Do not list the clients in the reboot epoch tables in the output.

The nfsdclddb command will not allow the fix-table-names or downgrade-schema subcommands to be used if nfsdcld(8) is running.



Scott Mayhew <>

07 Aug 2019