infotocap(1M) User commands infotocap(1M)

infotocap - convert a terminfo description into a termcap description

infotocap [tic-option] file ...

infotocap -V

infotocap translates terminal descriptions. It looks in each given text file for terminfo entries and, For each one found, it writes an analogous termcap description to the standard output stream. terminfouse” capabilities translate to termcap tc capabilities. Because termcap is a less expressive format than terminfo, some capabilities cannot be translated.

This utility is implemented as a link to tic(1M), with the latter's -C option implied. You can use other tic options such as -1, -f, -v, -w, and -x. The -V option reports the version of ncurses associated with this program and exits with a successful status.

compiled terminal description database

None of X/Open Curses, Issue 7 (2009), SVr4, or NetBSD document this application.

Eric S. Raymond <> and
Thomas E. Dickey <>

infocmp(1M), tic(1M), curses(3X), terminfo(5)

2024-03-16 ncurses 6.5