libssh2_knownhost_del(3) libssh2 libssh2_knownhost_del(3)

libssh2_knownhost_del - delete a known host entry

#include <libssh2.h>
libssh2_knownhost_del(LIBSSH2_KNOWNHOSTS *hosts,
                      struct libssh2_knownhost *entry);

Delete a known host entry from the collection of known hosts.

entry is a pointer to a struct that you can extract with libssh2_knownhost_check(3) or libssh2_knownhost_get(3).

Returns a regular libssh2 error code, where negative values are error codes and 0 indicates success.

Added in libssh2 1.2

libssh2_knownhost_init(3) libssh2_knownhost_free(3) libssh2_knownhost_add(3) libssh2_knownhost_check(3)

28 May 2009 libssh2