libssh2_channel_signal_ex(3) libssh2 libssh2_channel_signal_ex(3)

libssh2_channel_signal_ex -- Send a signal to process previously opened on channel.

#include <libssh2.h>
libssh2_channel_signal_ex(LIBSSH2_CHANNEL *channel,

const char *signame,
size_t signame_len)

A signal can be delivered to the remote process/service. Some servers or systems may not implement signals, in which case they will probably ignore this message.

channel - Previously opened channel instance such as returned by libssh2_channel_open_ex(3)

signame - The signal name is the same as the signal name constant, without the leading "SIG".

signame_len - Length of passed signal name parameter.

There is also a macro libssh2_channel_signal(channel, signame) that supplies the strlen of the signame.

Normal channel error codes. LIBSSH2_ERROR_EAGAIN when it would block.


20 Apr 2023 libssh2 1.11.0