pcap_get_tstamp_precision - get the time stamp precision returned in captures

#include <pcap/pcap.h>
int pcap_get_tstamp_precision(pcap_t *p);

pcap_get_tstamp_precision() returns the precision of the time stamp returned in packet captures on the pcap descriptor.

pcap_get_tstamp_precision() returns PCAP_TSTAMP_PRECISION_MICRO or PCAP_TSTAMP_PRECISION_NANO, which indicates that pcap captures contains time stamps in microseconds or nanoseconds respectively.

This function became available in libpcap release 1.5.1. In previous releases, time stamps from a capture device or savefile are always given in seconds and microseconds.

pcap(3PCAP), pcap_set_tstamp_precision(3PCAP), pcap-tstamp(7)

23 August 2018