ldns-update(1) General Commands Manual ldns-update(1)

ldns-update - send a dynamic update packet

ldns-update name [ zone ] [ ip ] [ tsig_name tsig_alg tsig_hmac ]

ldns-update is used to send a dynamic update packet.

The domainname to associate with the given ip address.
When given uses this zone instead of trying to find and process domain's SOA record.
Send the update to this IP address. Or, when the literal text none is given, remove any previous addresses.
Use TSIG (rfc2845) to authenticate.

ldns-update my.example.org

Written by Jakob Schlyter and Håkan Olsson, as an addition to the ldns library from NLnet Labs.

Report bugs to <ldns-team@nlnetlabs.nl>.

Copyright (C) 2005 NLnet Labs. This is free software. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

30 May 2005