dpa(1) General Commands Manual dpa(1)

dpa - DNS Packet Analyzer. Analyze DNS packets in ip trace files


dpa is used to analyze dns packets in trace files. It has 3 main options: count, filter, and count uniques (i.e. count all different occurrences).

Count occurrences of matching expressions
Filter: only process packets that match the expression
Show usage
Show the total number of correct DNS packets, and percentage of -u and -c values (of the total of matching on the -f filter. if no filter is given, percentages are on all correct dns packets)
Write all packets that match the -f flag to file, as pcap data.
Write all packets that match the -f flag to file, in hexadecimal format, readable by drill.
Show possible match names
show possible match operators and values for name
Only evaluate packets (in representation format) that match the -f filter. If no -f was given, evaluate all correct dns packets.
Count every occurrence of every value of the matchname (for instance, count all packetsizes, see EXAMPLES in ldns-dpa(1) ).
For every matchname in -u, show the average value of all matches. Behaviour for match types that do not have an integer value is undefined.
For every matchname in -u, show the average number of times this value was encountered.
Only show the results from -u for values that occurred more than <number> times.
Set verbosity to level (1-5, 5 being the highest). Mostly used for debugging.
Write packets that were not recognized as IP packets to file (as pcap data).
Write dns packets that were too mangled to parse to file (as pcap data).
Show version and exit

A <matchnamelist> is a comma separated list of match names (use -s to see possible match names). A <expressionlist> is a comma separated list of expressions.

An expression has the following form: <expr>: (<expr>)
<expr> | <expr>
<expr> & <expr>

<match>: <matchname> <operator> <value>

<operator>: = equal to <value> != not equal to <value> > greater than <value> < lesser than <value> >= greater than or equal to <value> <= lesser than or equal to <value> ~= contains <value>

See the -s option for possible matchnames, operators and values.

Count all different packetsizes in test.tr and show the percentages.
Filter out all edns enable queries in test.tr and put them in edns.tr
For all edns packets, count the number of truncated packets and all their rcodes in test.tr.
For all packets, count the number of truncated packets, the number of packets with qr=0, the number of packets with qr=1 and the number of queries in test.tr.
Show all packet sizes and the average packet size per packet.
Show all packet source addresses and the average number of packets sent from this address.
Print all query packets seen on the specified interface.

Written by Jelte Jansen for NLnetLabs.

Report bugs to <jelte@nlnetlabs.nl>.

Copyright (C) 2005 NLnet Labs. This is free software. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

1 Nov 2005