KTUTIL(1) MIT Kerberos KTUTIL(1)

ktutil - Kerberos keytab file maintenance utility


The ktutil command invokes a command interface from which an administrator can read, write, or edit entries in a keytab. (Kerberos V4 srvtab files are no longer supported.)

list [-t] [-k] [-e]

Displays the current keylist. If -t, -k, and/or -e are specified, also display the timestamp, key contents, or enctype (respectively).

Alias: l

read_kt keytab

Read the Kerberos V5 keytab file keytab into the current keylist.

Alias: rkt

write_kt keytab

Write the current keylist into the Kerberos V5 keytab file keytab.

Alias: wkt


Clear the current keylist.

Alias: clear

delete_entry slot

Delete the entry in slot number slot from the current keylist.

Alias: delent

add_entry {-key|-password} -p principal -k kvno [-e enctype] [-f|-s salt]

Add principal to keylist using key or password. If the -f flag is specified, salt information will be fetched from the KDC; in this case the -e flag may be omitted, or it may be supplied to force a particular enctype. If the -f flag is not specified, the -e flag must be specified, and the default salt will be used unless overridden with the -s option.

Alias: addent


Displays a listing of available commands.

Aliases: lr, ?


Quits ktutil.

Aliases: exit, q

ktutil:  add_entry -password -p alice@BLEEP.COM -k 1 -e
Password for alice@BLEEP.COM:
ktutil:  add_entry -password -p alice@BLEEP.COM -k 1 -e
Password for alice@BLEEP.COM:
ktutil:  write_kt alice.keytab

See kerberos(7) for a description of Kerberos environment variables.

kadmin(1), kdb5_util(8), kerberos(7)


1985-2023, MIT