SETVTRGB(8) System Manager's Manual SETVTRGB(8)

setvtrgb - set the virtual terminal RGB colors

setvtrgb [options] vga|FILE|-

The setvtrgb command takes a single argument, either the string vga , or a path to a file containing the colors to be used by the Linux virtual terminals.

You can choose to write the colors in decimal or hexadecimal format, it will be detected on runtime.

Decimal FILE format should be exactly 3 lines of 16 comma-separated decimal values for RED, GREEN, and BLUE.

To seed a valid FILE :

cat /sys/module/vt/parameters/default_{red,grn,blu} > FILE

And then edit the values in FILE

Hexadecimal FILE format should be exactly 16 lines of hex triplets for RED, GREEN and BLUE, prefixed with a number sign (#). For example:


the console device to be used;
Prints usage message and exits.
Prints version number and exists.

The utility is written by Alexey Gladkov, Seth Forshee, Dustin Kirkland.

Documentation by Dustin Kirkland.

3 Mar 2011 kbd