GETUNIMAP(8) System Manager's Manual GETUNIMAP(8)

getunimap - dump the unicode map for the current console to stdout

getunimap [ -s ] [ -C console ]

The getunimap program is old and obsolete. It is now part of setfont (1).

The getunimap program outputs the unicode map (also called a "Screen Font Map") for the current console to standard output.

The -C option may be used with Linux 2.6.1 and later to get the map for a console different from the current one. Its argument is a pathname.

The output of getunimap is of the form

0xAA U+1234 # comment

where 0xAA is the font character code and U+1234 is a unicode character, that if displayed, will be displayed using glyph 0xAA in the font. Many unicode characters may be mapped to the same glyph.
the Hash symbol # is used as a comment delimiter; characters after a hash sign (to the end of the line) are comments.

The -s option will sort and merge elements, sorting on font character. Hence, it will produce output of the form:

0x22 U+1234 U+5678 U+3456
0x23 U+0023

etc., listing the multiple unicode characters that map to a font glyph.

The output of getunimap is of the form accepted by setfont and psfaddtable

psfaddtable(1), setfont(1).

2004-01-01 kbd