vdpa-dev - vdpa device configuration

vdpa dev [ OPTIONS ] { COMMAND| help }

OPTIONS := { -V[ersion] }

vdpa dev show [ DEV ]

vdpa dev help

vdpa dev add name NAME mgmtdev MGMTDEV

vdpa dev del DEV

DEV - specifies the vdpa device to show. If this argument is omitted all devices are listed.

Format is:

Name of the new vdpa device to add.
Name of the management device to use for device addition.

DEV - specifies the vdpa device to delete.

vdpa dev show

Shows the all vdpa devices on the system.

vdpa dev show foo

Shows the specified vdpa device.

vdpa dev add name foo mgmtdev vdpa_sim_net

Add the vdpa device named foo on the management device vdpa_sim_net.

vdpa dev del foo

Delete the vdpa device named foo which was previously created.

vdpa(8), vdpa-mgmtdev(8),

Parav Pandit <>

5 Jan 2021 iproute2