IFCFG(8) Linux IFCFG(8)

ifcfg - simplistic script which replaces ifconfig IP management

ifcfg [ DEVICE ] [ command ] ADDRESS [ PEER ]

This manual page documents briefly the ifcfg command.

This is a simplistic script replacing one option of ifconfig , namely, IP address management. It not only adds addresses, but also carries out Duplicate Address Detection RFC-DHCP, sends unsolicited ARP to update the caches of other hosts sharing the interface, adds some control routes and restarts Router Discovery when it is necessary.

- it may have alias, suffix, separated by colon.
- add, delete or stop.
- optionally followed by prefix length.
- optional peer address for pointpoint interfaces.

This script is not suitable for use with IPv6.

IP Command reference ip-cref.ps

September 24 2009 iproute2