gencnval - compile the converters aliases file

gencnval [ -h, -?, --help ] [ -v, --verbose ] [ -c, --copyright ] [ -s, --sourcedir source ] [ -d, --destdir destination ] [ converterfile ]

gencnval converts the ICU aliases file converterfile into the binary file This binary file can then be read directly by ICU, or used by pkgdata(1) for incorporation into a larger archive or library.

If converterfile is not provided, the default ICU convrtrs.txt file is used.

Print help about usage and exit.
Display verbose output. This information can include information about conflicting aliases and the converters the aliases resolve to.
Include a copyright notice in the binary data.
Set the source directory to source. The default source directory is specified by the environment variable ICU_DATA.
Set the destination directory to destination. The default destination directory is specified by the environment variable ICU_DATA.

Specifies the directory containing ICU data. Defaults to ${prefix}/share/icu/74.2/. Some tools in ICU depend on the presence of the trailing slash. It is thus important to make sure that it is present if ICU_DATA is set.

Description of ICU's converters and their aliases. This data file is not normally installed, and it is available as a part of ICU source code.


Copyright (C) 2000-2004 IBM, Inc. and others.


11 March 2004 ICU MANPAGE