gnutls_ext_raw_parse(3) gnutls gnutls_ext_raw_parse(3)

gnutls_ext_raw_parse - API function

#include <gnutls/gnutls.h>

int gnutls_ext_raw_parse(void * ctx, gnutls_ext_raw_process_func cb, const gnutls_datum_t * data, unsigned int flags);

a pointer to pass to callback function
callback function to process each extension found
TLS extension data

This function iterates through the TLS extensions as passed in
data , passing the individual extension data to callback. The
data must conform to Extension extensions<0..2^16-1> format.

If flags is GNUTLS_EXT_RAW_TLS_FLAG_CLIENT_HELLO then this function will parse the extension data from the position, as if the packet in
data is a client hello (without record or handshake headers) - as provided by gnutls_handshake_set_hook_function().

The return value of the callback will be propagated.

GNUTLS_E_SUCCESS on success, or an error code. On unknown flags it returns GNUTLS_E_INVALID_REQUEST.


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