efibootdump - dump a boot entries from a variable or a file

efibootdump [-?|--help] [--usage]
[-f <file1> [... -f <fileN>]]
[[-g {guid}] <name0> [... [<nameN>]]]

efibootdump is a userspace application used to display individual UEFI boot options, from a file or a UEFI variable. This allows e.g. saved files from efivarfs to be displayed, as well as variables on the running machine.

The following is a list of options accepted by efibootmgr:

Any variables specified by name have the specified GUID.
Read a single boot variable from the specified file.
Display the specified variable on the local machine. If no GUID is specified, EFI Global Variable is the default.

Please direct any bugs, features, patches, etc. to the Red Hat bootloader team at https://github.com/rhboot/efibootmgr .


24 February 2016