E2SCRUB(8) System Manager's Manual E2SCRUB(8)

e2scrub_all - check all mounted ext[234] file systems for errors.

e2scrub_all [OPTION]

Searches the system for all LVM logical volumes containing an ext2, ext3, or ext4 file system, and checks them for problems. The checking is performed by invoking the e2scrub tool, which will look for corruptions. Corrupt file systems will be tagged as having errors so that fsck will be invoked before the next mount. If no errors are encountered, fstrim will be called on the file system if it is mounted. See the e2scrub manual page for more information about how the checking is performed.

Print what commands e2scrub_all would execute to initiate the e2scrub operations. (Note: these commands will not actually be executed; however, since e2scrub_all needs to run some additional, privileged commands to query the system to determine which e2scrub commands would be executed, it still needs to be run as root.)
Remove e2scrub snapshots but do not check anything.
Scrub all ext[234] file systems even if they are not mounted.
Print version information and exit.


Darrick J. Wong <darrick.wong@oracle.com>

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