curl_getenv(3) Library Functions Manual curl_getenv(3)

curl_getenv - return value for environment name

#include <curl/curl.h>
char *curl_getenv(const char *name);

curl_getenv() is a portable wrapper for the getenv() function, meant to emulate its behavior and provide an identical interface for all operating systems libcurl builds on (including win32).

You must curl_free(3) the returned string when you are done with it.


int main(void)
  char *width = curl_getenv("COLUMNS");
  if(width) {
    /* it was set! */


A pointer to a null-terminated string or NULL if it failed to find the specified name.

Under unix operating systems, there is no point in returning an allocated memory, although other systems does not work properly if this is not done. The unix implementation thus suffers slightly from the drawbacks of other systems.


April 26 2024 libcurl