CURLINFO_OS_ERRNO(3) Library Functions Manual CURLINFO_OS_ERRNO(3)

CURLINFO_OS_ERRNO - get errno number from last connect failure

#include <curl/curl.h>
CURLcode curl_easy_getinfo(CURL *handle, CURLINFO_OS_ERRNO, long *errnop);

Pass a pointer to a long to receive the errno variable from a connect failure. Note that the value is only set on failure, it is not reset upon a successful operation. The number is OS and system specific.


int main(void)
  CURL *curl = curl_easy_init();
  if(curl) {
    CURLcode res;
    curl_easy_setopt(curl, CURLOPT_URL, "");
    res = curl_easy_perform(curl);
    if(res != CURLE_OK) {
      long error;
      res = curl_easy_getinfo(curl, CURLINFO_OS_ERRNO, &error);
      if(res && error) {
        printf("Errno: %ld\n", error);

Added in 7.12.2

Returns CURLE_OK if the option is supported, and CURLE_UNKNOWN_OPTION if not.

curl_easy_getinfo(3), curl_easy_setopt(3)

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