auparse_find_field - search for field name

#include <auparse.h>

const char *auparse_find_field(auparse_state_t *au, const char *name);

auparse_find_field will scan all records in an event to find the first occurrence of the field name passed to it. Searching begins from the cursor's current position. The field name is stored for subsequent searching.

NOTE: auparse creates 2 psuedo fields that do not exist in the natural record for SELinux AVC and USER_AVC decision and permissions. The field names are seresult and seperms respectively.

Returns NULL field not found. If an error occurs errno will be set. Otherwise, it returns a pointer to the text value associated with the field.

auparse_first_record(3), auparse_find_field_next(3).

Steve Grubb

June 2021 Red Hat