auparse_add_callback - add a callback handler for notifications

#include <auparse.h>

auparse_add_callback(auparse_state_t *au, auparse_callback_ptr callback,

void *user_data, user_destroy user_destroy_func);

auparse_add_callback adds a callback function to the parse state which is invoked to notify the application of parsing events. This is part of the event feed API.

The signature of the callback is:

auparse_callback(auparse_state_t *au, auparse_cb_event_t cb_event_type,

void *user_data);

When the callback is invoked it is passed:

a pointer to the parse_state
enumerated value indicating the reason why the callback was invoked
pointer to user supplied private data. May be NULL.
pointer to function called when user_data is destroyed. May be NULL. The signature is:
void destroy(void *user_data);

The destroy() function should be prepared to accept user_data possibly being NULL.

The cb_event_type argument indicates why the callback was invoked. It's possible values are:

A complete event has been parsed and is ready to be examined. This is logically equivalent to the parse state immediately following auparse_next_event()

See auparse_feed(3) for a complete code example.


auparse_feed(3), auparse_flush_feed(3).

John Dennis

May 2007 Red Hat