XSETTINGSD(1) General Commands Manual XSETTINGSD(1)

xsettingsd - provides settings to X11 applications

xsettingsd [options]

xsettingsd is a daemon that implements the XSETTINGS specification. The typical invocation is from a user's ~/.xsession file.

It is intended to be small, fast, and minimally dependent on other libraries. It can serve as an alternative to gnome-settings-daemon for users who are not using the GNOME desktop environment but who still run GTK+ applications and want to configure things such as themes, font antialiasing/hinting, and UI sound effects.

Additional documentation is available at the project's website: https://github.com/derat/xsettingsd

-c, --config=FILE
Load settings from FILE (default is ~/.xsettingsd).
-h, --help
Display a help message and exit.
-s, --screen=SCREEN
Use the X screen numbered SCREEN (default of -1 means all screens).


Running dump_xsettings(1) while another XSETTINGS daemon, such as gnome-settings-daemon, is already running will print your current settings in xsettingsd's configuration file format.

Here is a short example ~/.xsettingsd file:

Net/ThemeName "Human"
Xft/Antialias 1
Xft/DPI 100352
Xft/HintStyle "hintfull"
Xft/Hinting 1
Xft/RGBA "none"
Xft/lcdfilter "none"


xsettingsd was written by Daniel Erat <dan@erat.org>.