xosd_destroy - Destroy an XOSD object

#include <xosd.h>

int xosd_destroy (xosd *osd);

xosd_destroy destroys an XOSD object freeing up any memory used. The osd object must have been created by xosd_create(3xosd).

The object to destroy.

On success 1 is returned, otherwise 0 is returned and xosd_error is set to indicate the reason for the error.

char *xosd_error
A string to a text string describing the error, if one occurred.

The xosd_destroy function first appeared in version 2.0 of the XOSD library, replacing the now depricated xosd_uninit function.

The XOSD library was originally written by André Renaud, and is currenly maintained by Tim Wright. This document was written by Michael JasonSmith.

There are no known bugs with xosd_destroy. Bug reports can be sent to <xosd@ignavus.net>.