wtype(1) wtype man page wtype(1)

wtype - xdotool type for Wayland

wtype [TEXT]

wtype [OPTION_OR_TEXT]... -- [TEXT]...

wtype is a Wayland tool that allows you to simulate keyboard input like xdotool type for X11. This is accomplished via the virtual-keyboard Wayland protocol.

Modifier can be one of "shift", "capslock", "ctrl", "logo", "win", "alt", "altgr". Beware that the modifiers get released automatically once the program terminates.

Named keys are resolved by libxkbcommon, valid identifiers include "Left" and "Home".

Press modifier MOD.
-m MOD
Release modifier MOD.
Press key KEY.
-p KEY
Release key KEY.
-k KEY
Type (press and release) key KEY.
Sleep for TIME milliseconds before interpreting the following options. This can be used to perform more complicated modifier sequences.

To support arbitrary unicode characters, wtype generates a keymap on the fly and submits it to the compositor for distribution. Unfortunately this is broken under Xwayland as X has an upper limit on the amount of defined keycode-keysym pairs.

No known bugs.

wtype has been started by Josef Gajdusek. Man page is written by Michael 'jubalh' Vetter.
23 November 2020 0.2