wikicurses(1) General Commands Manual wikicurses(1)

wikicurses - curses interface for MediaWiki

wikicurses [-h] [--wiki WIKI] [-d | -f | -p] [search]

j or down

Scroll down

k or up

Scroll up

^b or pagedown

Scroll down one page

^f or pageup

Scroll up one page

g or home

Scroll to top

G or end

Scroll to bottom


Open table of contents


Open search box

q or :q[uit]



Bookmark page


Open bookmarks


Open list of internal links in page


Open list of interwiki links in page


Open list of external links in page to open in browser


Open list of languages the article is available in


Open list of configured wikis, see wikicurses.conf(5)


Open a list of featured feeds on the current wiki


Clears the cache; exiting the program has an equivalent effect


Edit wiki page (opens in $EDITOR)


Display man page

:back, h, or left

Go backward in history

:forward, l, or right

Go forward in history


Go to a random page


Search page and highlight matching text. Supports regular expressions.

x or delete

Delete selected bookmark


Undo deletion


Tab completion for page title

-h, --help

Display help message

-w, --wiki <wiki>

Url or name of wiki to use

-f, --feed <name>

view featured feed


write current color settings to config file

To use colors other than the defaults, you need a file called ~/.config/wikicurses/colors. To create this file with the current color settings, run wikicurses --dumpcolors. This is a configuration file containing various things that can be colored. Each has allows setting display settings (bold, underline, or standout), foreground color, background color, and text alignment. Multiple settings can be set by separating with spaces. The color options are the same as in urwid (see


Determines where to look for and store configuration files.


The name of the command to use as a text editor, defaulting to vim.


The name of the command to use as a web browser, defaulting to lynx.

wikicurses Wiki

Look up "Wiki" on the default wiki

wikicurses -w ArchWiki Dwm

Look up "Dwm" on the Archlinux Wiki, where "ArchWiki" is configured in wikicurses.conf(5)

wikicurses -w penguin

Look up "penguin" on Wiktionary

wikicurses -f potd

Open "potd" (Picture of the Day) feed