valabind-cc(1) 1 (valabind compiler frontend) valabind-cc(1)

Vala to swig interface compiler

valabind-cc language modname [--version] [--vapidir dir] [--glib] [--test lang] [-n] [-x] [-X] [-I path] [-L path] [-l libname] [-D SYMBOL] [-C] vapifile

valabind-cc is a frontend for valabind, swig and the C compiler (gcc by default).

It aims to simplify the use of all the wrapped tools and compile usable bindings for many programming languages.

valabind-cc python r_bp -I/usr/include/r_bp r_bp.vapi

XDG_DATA_DIRS Standard freedesktop environment variable to point to the share prefix directory where vala looks for vapi files.


pancake <>
March 22, 2021 valabind-cc