UPTERM(1) Upterm Manual UPTERM(1)

upterm - Secure Terminal Sharing

upterm [flags]

Upterm is an open-source solution for sharing terminal sessions instantly with the public internet over secure tunnels.

-h, --help[=false] help for upterm

# Host a terminal session that runs $SHELL with
# client's input/output attaching to the host's
$ upterm host
# Display the ssh connection string and share it with
# the client(s)
$ upterm session current
Command: /bin/bash
Force Command: n/a
Host: ssh://uptermd.upterm.dev:22
SSH Session: ssh TOKEN@uptermd.upterm.dev
# A client connects to the host session with ssh
$ ssh TOKEN@uptermd.upterm.dev

upterm-host(1), upterm-proxy(1), upterm-session(1), upterm-upgrade(1), upterm-version(1)

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